Aquifi Fluid Vision Solutions

Aquifi's Fluid Vision combines 3D vision and deep learning for automating highly repetitive, high throughput enterprise processes.

Smart Dimensioning

Determine object dimensions, small to large, in real time using Aquifi’s IIoT or handheld 3D vision scanner. Additionally, inspect or identify the object by connecting with our 3D deep neural networks.

Identification / Inspection

Identify, then inspect the dimensions, shape, and color of the 3D color model generated by Aquifi sensors, for basically any visual configuration and quality aspect.

3D Scanning

Create and store Aquifi generated color 3D models with accurate dimensioned point cloud and color image set to improve traceability of objects, leveraging our 3D deep neural networks.

3D Vision Sensors

Purpose-built, low cost, IIoT and mobile hand-held 3D color (RGB-D) sensor devices for industrial environments.

IIoT 3D Sensor

Color 3D self-calibrating sensor with integrated quad core IoT processor, and IEEE 802.3at PoE connectivity.

Handheld Mobile 3D Scanner

Rechargeable battery-operated color 3D self-calibrating sensor with integrated quad core IoT processor and IEEE 802.11ac WiFi connectivity.

Aquifi Fluid Vision System Architecture

3D Sensor

Low cost, low power, high performance sensors are available in two form factors. Select the device or combination of sensors that best suit your environment and application.

3D Data

Devices scan objects, generating 3D color point clouds with accurate dimensions, in real-time. The resulting dimension, shape and color data is streamed to an Aquifi machine learning edge server.

3D Deep Neural Networks

Aquifi 3D deep neural networks automate complex visual oriented tasks on the 3D color point cloud data, such as dimensioning, identification, and inspection.