Deep Roots in Computer Vision

Aquifi Founders were also on the founding team of Time-of-Flight sensor pioneer Canesta in 1999, acquired by Microsoft for the core 3D sensor of the XBOX One Kinect.

Building with ‘Commercial Off The Shelf’

To ensure availability, low BOM cost, and economical development efforts, we’ve architected our sensor hardware to use COTS technologies.

50+ patents filed

Aquifi's comprehensive patent portfolio protects our investments and innovations in 3D computer vision solutions, sensors and algorithms.

The Team

Jason Trachewsky


Jason Trachewsky is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aquifi. Prior to Aquifi, Jason was the Chief Operating Officer and a key technology developer at Passif Semiconductor, a VC-backed startup developing extremely low-power wireless technology. Passif Semiconductor was acquired by Apple, Inc. in April 2013. Jason came to Passif Semiconductor from Broadcom Corporation, where he spent 11 years leading engineering for the WiFi Business Unit and was elected Fellow for his contributions to wireless networking and work in growing Broadcom’s WiFi business to over $500M annual revenue. Jason entered Broadcom through its acquisition of Epigram, a VC-backed developer of home networking integrated circuits, in May 1999. Jason has authored over 75 patents. Jason holds a BSEE from Stanford University.

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Carlo Dal Mutto


I am a computer vision and machine learning engineer, with a specific interest on the applications related to 3D data and deep learning. In 2007 I have received a B.S. (Laurea triennale) in Information Engineering, and in 2009 a M.S. (Laurea specialistica) in Communication Engineering, both from University of Padova, Italy. In 2012 I have received a Ph.D (Dottorato di ricerca) in Information Engineering, with dissertation title: Acquisition and Processing of ToF and Stereo Data, under the supervision of Prof. G.M. Cortelazzo. In 2008 I have been visiting student at Boston University and in 2009 I have been a research assistant at the University of Padova and in 2011 I have been visiting scholar at Duke University, collaborating with Prof. Carlo Tomasi. I have collaborated with Canesta in 2010 (acquired by Microsoft in 2010, now Kinect 2). Since 2011 I have collaborated with Aquifi Inc. (previously Imimtek Inc.), realizing prototypes that eventually lead to the first round of funding. Since 2012 I have been computer vision architect, R&D lead and currently CTO with the same company I have co-authored research papers on major computer vision conferences and journals, I have been invited speaker at technical conferences, I am an inventor of several patent and I have co-authored two book chapters and two books on 3D data acquisition and processing: Time-of-Flight Cameras and Microsoft KinectTM , Springer, 2011; Time-of-Flight and Structured Light Depth Cameras: Technology and Applications , Springer, 2016. I have served as a reviewer and TPC member for CVPR, ECCV, ICCV, 3DPVT, 3DIMPVT, ICME, IJCV, IEEE SPL, and Springer MVAP.

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Kinh Tieu

VP, Algorithms and Systems

Kinh Tieu received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his B.S. in Computer Science from Yale University. His work is at the intersection of computer vision and machine learning, and he has published papers and patents in academia, research laboratories, and industry. His experience is broad, with applications in information retrieval, visual surveillance, medical imaging, face recognition, biometrics, robotics, and 3D perception. His primary areas of expertise are artificial intelligence algorithms and software.

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Tony Zuccarino

VP, Sales and Marketing

Tony Zuccarino is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Aquifi. Over the past years, Tony has led sales and marketing for four venture funded OEM business model startups — VDOnet, Epigram, UNM, and Canesta. Tony was senior vice president of marketing and sales at Universal Network Machines (UNM), an enterprise infrastructure semiconductor startup acquired by QLogic. Before joining UNM, Tony was senior director of marketing and sales at Broadcom’s Home and Wireless Networking Business Unit. There, Tony developed the business plan for Broadcom’s entry into the Wi-Fi market and introduced Broadcom’s first 802.11b and 802.11a chipsets to the consumer electronics marketplace. In 1999, he joined Broadcom through the acquisition of home-networking innovator Epigram, where he had served as vice president of sales and marketing since 1997. Prior to Epigram, Tony served as vice president of marketing and general manager of the Internet video/voice over IP business unit for real-time Internet video innovator VDOnet. Prior to VDOnet, Tony was a product manager for Rockwell Semiconductor Systems, where his group gained 70 percent of the data modem market share, growing a $200m business into a $1.5 billion plus run rate over five years. He previously served in design engineering roles with both Sharp Electronics and Hughes Aircraft. Tony has a BSEE from University of Illinois and an MBA from USC.

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Chase Garber

VP, Software Engineering

Robert Hayes

VP, Deployments

Previously VP, Operations for Finesse Solutions, Inc., making sensor and software solutions for bioprocessing, President and COO of Atherton Fiber, LLC, deploying fiber optic networks, and Vice President, Engineering, then President and CEO of Purfresh, providing atmosphere monitoring and control for refrigerated containers transporting perishable or high-value cargos.

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Sheung Li

VP, Product

Sheung Li is the Vice President of Product at Aquifi.  Previously, he was Chief Product Officer at RayVio, VP of Product Marketing at Goji Food Solutions, and VP of Marketing at Discera (now ON Semiconductor) and Espresa where he has been responsible for developing and executing go-to-market, product, and business strategies in fields ranging from industrial electronics to food production to cloud services. Sheung also led product management at Atheros Communications (now Qualcomm), developed the software architecture for virtual reality pioneer Marketing Technology Interface, and specialized in new product introduction at Mercer Management Consulting. Sheung has a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and both a MS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering and an MBA from Stanford University.

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Akeem Chen


Alexander Ou


Anton Kondratenkin


Ayushma Bhandari


Bin An

Business Development

Francesco Peruch


Giuliano Pasqualotto


Giulio Marin


Guido Cesare


Jackson Masters


Katie Hawk

People Operations

Kevin Phung


Lifeng Jiang


Nicholas Moore


Pietro Salvagnini


Rika Patel


Ted Chen


Vangie Delpasen


William Rizzo


Wook Yeon Hwang


Nazim Kareemi

Exec Chairman

Nazim Kareemi is the Executive Chairman and a co-founder of Aquifi. Nazim has extensive experience in starting and growing successful VC backed emerging technology companies. Prior to Aquifi, he co-founded Mixamo, a VC backed startup in 2008 and was its CEO from inception until 2011. Mixamo provides software as a service to create 3D character animation and was acquired by Adobe. Before Mixamo, Nazim co-founded Canesta in 1999 as its CEO, and subsequently served as its chairman of the board. Canesta developed breakthrough CMOS 3D sensors, was granted over 50 patents, and built innovative products used in automotive, industrial, consumer and video game markets. At Canesta, he assembled an outstanding team and raised multiple rounds of VC funding. Canesta was acquired by Microsoft in 2010 and its technology is used in Xbox One Kinect. Prior to Canesta, Nazim was the founding CEO of PenWare, a VC funded mobile software startup. Under his leadership, PenWare attracted and retained some of the best people in the industry to develop award-winning software for mobile devices. PenWare acquired another company to successfully enter the retail point-of-sale terminal market and became public in 1996. Before starting PenWare, Nazim held engineering and management positions or consulted for companies such as Zilog, Xerox and Intel. He has a BS in electrical engineering from MIT and an MSEE and Engineer’s degrees from Stanford University.

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Abbas Rafii

Advisor and Co-Founder

Abbas Rafii is advisor and a co-founder of Aquifi. Prior to Aquifi, he was the Executive Vice President and a co-founder of Canesta, which was acquired by Microsoft. He has extensive background in R&D management. His focus was directing the system architecture group, evaluating customer solutions and developing computer vision and image processing algorithms for the company’s time of flight (TOF) technology. Earlier, Abbas directed the development of Projection Keyboard application. Prior to Canesta, he was a co-founder and held the position of Vice President in PenWare. He recruited the team and directed the design and development of the company’s PDA, Point of Service, enterprise, and e-commerce applications which was acquired by Symbol. Earlier, Abbas was a software scientist and an architect of heterogeneous object databases at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories. Prior to that, he was an Operating System performance specialist at Hewlett-Packard’s commercial and UNIX operating systems labs. He has published papers on 3D vision applications, system performance analysis and heterogeneous databases. He has also taught Computer Science at University of Oklahoma, U.C. Davis and Santa Clara University. Abbas has authored and been granted 21 patents. He received his MS and Ph.D. in EECS from Stanford University.

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